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Address: 1351 Riverwood Drive
Burnsville, MN 55337

Telephone: 952-882-9343




The Islamic Institute of Minnesota (IIM) is an organization devoted to the service of Muslims in Minnesota and surrounding areas. IIM is committed to uphold the Qu'ran and the way (Sunna) of the Prophet. IIM is open to all Muslims without regard to their color, race, or ethnic background. The organization's main purpose it to provide religious, educational, and social activities. Furthermore, since Muslims constitute an integral part of the fabric of the United States, being of service to the Muslim community in America is the most needed.
The prime source the IIM's religious tradition is based the Qur'an and the way (Sunna) of the Prophet.
No school of Islamic school of thought (Mathhab) shall be advocated to the exclusion of the others.
Ethnic traditions not in conformity with the Qur'an and Sunna will not be accepted.
As the language of the Qur'an, IIM considers teaching Arabic as an important part of its mission.
As an American organization, IIM will conduct its communication in English.
Men and women shall equally share the responsibility of running the organization.
Toleration and respecting others shall be the rule.
Modesty, decency and observing Islamic behavior is expected from all Muslims attending any of IIM's activity.
The general welfare of the community shall be given precedence over the individuals' interest.